Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Well term 3 is definitely up & going. I can't believe it is already the end of week 4. The term is flying by! The last couple of weeks have been quite busy at work. Last week my tafe teacher came to observe my workplace performance & chat about how my tafe work is going and she gave me a really good report & is quite happy with how things are going. So that was reassuring to get that feedback from her. Then this week at work has been quite crazy, so I am a bit exhausted at the moment! I don't mind the busy days at work though, it makes the days & weeks go pretty fast at least! And I am looking forward to a lovely day of scrapping today with Mum, Jess & Kristy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

School Album

Here is one of the projects I have been working on over the holidays. It is an album of my school years, with various pics of me at school throughout the years.

End Of Holidays

Yep its the last day of holidays. After the weekend it will be back to work on Monday. I have had a nice break though. I got to catch up with two of my close friends, one of whom lives in Orange, so it was great to see her. I went to see the Hannah Montana movie with my cousin Tasha & my friend Jess. I had a scrap day with Mum, Esther & Jess and then another scrap day with our friend Andrea & her family and then Jess & I had a scrap day together just the two of us. I also went to Wollongong on Wednesday with Bella & Camille and last night I had a fun night of Singstar with my bible study friends. So it has been a very good two weeks.
Above are three tins that I have made during the holidays. The first one is a pen tin and then the other two are faith tins to add to my collection of faith tins.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Holidays!!!

Woohoo I have survived my first term at Lyrebird Preschool & am on holidays for 2 weeks. I can't believe how fast this term has gone. I am still really enjoying working there, but am also axcited about having two weeks of relaxing and catching up with friends. I have lots of plans for this week, so it should be a fun week. Started my holidays by having a girls night with my friends Bel & Sarah which was a great night of chatting, eating, playing games & watching movies, so that was a great start to my holidays.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Scrap Day

Had a lovely day yesterday scrapping with Mum & Esther. We all decided to try our hands at doing some vintage looking canvases. This is the first one I completed. The photo is of mr grandfather when he was a boy with his family.

I then decided to try a bigger canvas, using photos of my grandparents on their wedding day.

I then decided to have a break from vintage canvases & made this one of my friend Bel & I.

I then did a couple of tins. I had a stack of paper flowers sitting around & decided I needed to put them away somewhere, so I made this tin to put them in.

I then finished by making this Faith tin.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Layouts from the Scrapping With Soul Retreat

Here are the layouts I got done at last week's Scrapping With Soul retreat. The theme of the weekend was "Our Stories" & they had a competition for the best Our Stories layout & I entered the above layout about our Kenya trip & came second.

I entered this layout from our Kenyan Safari in the free choice & was stoked to come first place.

My friend Victoria from the Kenya team on her wedding day which was two weeks after we got back from Kenya.

My family on Christmas day 2008

My best buds Melinda & Amy

Scrapping With Soul Retreat 2008

Cathy, Cass, Tracey & I at last years Scrapping With Soul retreat

Jackson & Isabella

Sarah's 21st Pirate Party

Melinda & Kaitlyn at the beach last year

Mum, Davina, Erin & I in Berry

Scrap Of Faith Retreat

Mike, Michele & Jenny

Girls Night in Wollongong with my bible study girls

It Has Been A While I Know!

Yes it has been a long time since I've been on here I'm sorry :(
I have been slack, but will try & keep updating more regularly.

Since I last blogged I have started a new job. I finally took the plunge into childcare. I have always wanted to get into childcare, so have finally taken the first step. Two weeks ago I started my traineeship at Lyrebird Preschool, which is the preschool that I went to back in 1991! I am really enjoying it so far. I am starting to settle into the routine of each day & what I need to be doing. And it is a lot of fun, I love being around the kids all day & even the jobs such as cleaning & washing up don't worry me! I started my tafe work this week. It has been hard to get myself into the work, cause it's been so long since I studied! But the work isn't too bad, so I should be right once I get into it.

We had the Scrapping With Soul retreat last weekend which was a lot of fun. Got to spend a lot of time with my friend Jess which I really enjoyed. Then yesterday I spent the morning scrapping with my friend Erin & am looking forward to scrapping with Mum, Jess & Esther next weekend.

So life is busy, but I'm enjoying it :)